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Board Basting.

I have just finished a very scrappy quilt and used the board basting method to layer the quilt together. I washed the backing but did not use starch. I laid the fabric down with the wrong side facing up. then laid a piece of wood across, I already had a piece two inches wide so  decided to try this before buying something wider.  I folded the edge of the fabric over and used masking tape to anchor it to the wood.

backing start

Then begin rolling, I was only using a camping table the fabric was 2 yards , rolling was quite easy .


I did the same with the top except the top was facing up.

start roll

This gave me two rolls.

finished roll

Then I remember my horn cabinet would be better to use as it was long. So I pulled that out, although it does not have the very wide back it worked well, even with the hole for the sewing machine.

The next photo shows the backing unrolled with the wadding pulled out of the way.


The next photo is the wadding smoothed out over the wadding.


The next photo is the top over the wadding.


I tacked the layers together with large stitches.Then placed it on a frame to quilt.


It worked very well and for small quilts is going to be very useful. But I would need a longer piece of wood for a larger quilt.